Artist & Architectural Designer in New Orleans, LA

"Painting, music, architecture, literature, and design all have a major job to do; we need them so that important insights can become powerful and helpful in our lives."

The School of Life, Philosophy, Hegel

"For Da Vinci, drawing was his prime means of analyzing the phenomena of the living world. Painting was the synthesis. Analyzing in the way I use it here, however, is not ‘taking apart’ something observed or experienced, nor is synthesis ‘putting parts back together.’  Da Vinci’s method of analysis was by analogy. Rather than pick apart a phenomenon, separating what he perceived as its components, he created in a drawing a parallel world, an analog to reality. Working with analogs, he could emphasize the features of phenomena he considered most important. Da Vinci’s blobs—drawn masses of turbulent water or stormy air—are prime examples of his analogical method of analysis."

Da Vinci's Blobs, by Lebbeus Woods



Solo Show at Ten Gallery

Forum 35 Art Melt

Humid - group show at Ten Gallery

Shuffle - group show at Ten Gallery


New York Studio School Invitational
The New Criterion

Forum 35 Art Melt